A Spoonful of Sugar

My Commissioning Service Waiau Pa Presbyterian Church

My Commissioning Service
Waiau Pa Presbyterian Church

I was amply forewarned and thus well prepared for this process to be a long and arduous journey. Such a transition (one that affects employment, personal relationships, church, family, my ginger cat, and of course an international move) is bound to misalign the matrix somewhat.

So I have braced myself to survive this period of complete chaos, and have waded through a flurry of preparations, purchases and proceedings that all needed to be completed in a specific, not to mention small, time frame.

If ever I needed Mary Poppins to snap her fingers, now is the hour…

And yet… I find that I really don’t need a singing nanny after all.

God has blessed me with an incredible support network of family, friends, church, and even complete strangers who have generously given of their time and money and possessions to help me get to PNG.

I am humbled, blessed and inspired by the sheer volume of goodwill, care and love that has swamped me. So much so that, amidst the chaos and farewells and tears and stresses and last-minute papers and x-rays and tests and passport scans, I have been overwhelmed only by wonder and joy.

To those of you who have blessed me in ways great and small, know that every act of kindness is equally important, and know that I see clearly the beauty of God’s heart through you, the people who have been Christ to me.

Leaving my home and my life in NZ is no sweet-tasting pill, but you have been my spoonful of sugar.

Thank you.

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