Pink Rabbits & Antihistamines

Ever have one of those days when you randomly find a pink, ceramic, one-eared rabbit in your fridge? No? Must just be me…

Don't even ask...

The pink rabbit – don’t even ask…

It has turned out to be a bit of an unusual week (but not just because of the rabbit), and I unexpectedly took two days off work to recover from what seems to be an allergic reaction to something. On Tuesday afternoon I had what I thought were a few itchy “mosquito bite” patches on my arm. By the time the evening rolled around, I had what looked liked hives all over my arms and legs. It cleared a little the next day, but by Wednesday night it was back with a fiery vengeance, and my neck, stomach and back were also affected.
On Thursday, Nicki (my amazing compound “mum”!) took me to Kudjip Mission Hospital, one hour’s drive away. I saw a lovely American doctor, Susan, who agreed that it was likely an allergic reaction, as I had no other symptoms to indicate a virus or anything else. She gave me some stronger meds than what I had, and I will just need to treat the skin symptoms with anti-histamine, let the effects fade away, and slowly try to work out what may have caused it (eg keeping a food diary).
In the meantime, I’d appreciate your prayers for full healing, and also for good sleep – the natural warming of my body as I fall asleep seems to flare the “heat rash” up again at night, and I’ve woken twice to find my arms and back hot to the touch and tingling with a stinging/itching sensation – they looked like I had poured boiling water on them! This is not conducive to a good night’s rest!! Please also pray that I can either find out the cause (a food I ate? a chemical I came into contact with?) and thus avoid a repeat, or else find that it was a random once-off and will not occur again.
All good - I'm wearing a safety vest!

All good – I’m wearing a safety vest!

Thank you all for your prayers and support, and also for your emails. When I’m tired or unwell or find inexplicable pink rabbits in my fridge, it’s so good to go back and re-read your newsy emails, kind words of encouragement, and simple prayers – and to be reminded again of how blessed I am to have you standing with me. Thank you.

Weekly Update from Emma 2015-10-09

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One thought on “Pink Rabbits & Antihistamines

  1. kimberley cox

    Praying for you Emma xx hope you can find some relief soon for your rash!


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