Kittens, Dinosaurs & David Beckham

Very important news flash here – one that has trumped meeting the PNG Defense Force who turned up on our doorstep in their very cool Cassa aircraft, finding real Magnum icecreams at the local store, seeing David Beckham land in Hagen in his very cool Global 6000 aircraft, and going through only five power cuts in one week…

Because… *insert drumroll, spotlight, expression of anticipation*

IJ safely arrives in Mt Hagen, having flown from Goroka with MAF Pilot Mathias Glass

IJ safely arrives in Mt Hagen, having flown from Goroka with MAF Pilot Mathias Glass

His name is IJ (Indiana Jones), and he’s already living up to the connotations of Explorer Extreme. Within his first half hour of living it up at the MAF Headquarters (it was that or leave him down at the base where he might accidentally get loaded onto an aircraft – disaster!), he had wound his way through all the papers on Doris’ (my co-worker) desk, spread the contents of the Comms Officer’s rubbish bin across the floor, and made his presence more than obvious with loud and insistent demands that someone come and play with him. Now. Under the desk. Hide’n’Seek. You’re it.

IMG_6165 - CopyI am sensing some fun times ahead 😉 I’m really glad to have a little companion around the house, and he will of course protect me from dangerous things like howling wind and moths…

Speaking of the latter, yesterday I was unexpectedly attacked by one of these creatures AT THE VERY DESK WHERE I WORK! How it escaped my moth radar I don’t know… Sigh. Some of you will know my pitiful secret – that I don’t mind spiders, I can handle snakes wrapped around my arm, but I am severely opp20151102_230806 - Copyosed to moths. Anywhere near me. Especially ON me. *shudder*.

Well this fluttery-eyed, furry-winged being came right over into my red zone, sending me scooting backwards (thanks goodness for chairs on wheels!) at a pace that would easily get me onto the All Black’s team as a Winger (or whatever they call the fast guys).

Of course, those who happened to be around at the time found this most hilarious – Sam (SwIMG_6167 - Copyiss IT volunteer) finally removed the scary moth for me, but only after he’d recovered from laughing too hard. Tommy (our 6-foot MAF Madang base manager) gently told me that the moth was simply trying to be friendly. And Nawi (Ops Trainer) left his training session across the hall to inquire if, with all the panic and and flurry, there was a dinosaur somewhere on the premises… Ha. Ha. Fun-ny… lol 😉

In closing, because I’d rather not end on the subject of the “m” word…
MAF PNG has a desperate need for some IT help! There are several specific projects of which I understand nothing, but if you do speak the lingo, then click here: IT Short Term in PNG

Well, I’m off to rescue my curtains from IJ’s determined attempts to scale those creamy cotton Everests…

Yes, he was here ;)

Yes, he was here 😉 (picture by Doris)

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