Itty Bittiness…

IJ wanting attention

IJ wanting attention

It’s Friday and I feel I’ve barely done anything!! I spent all of last weekend plus 2 1/2 days this week at home, sick with a mild flu type thing. My little Indiana Jones (kitten) was delighted to have me around for all this extra attention, but I had to convince him to let me nap a lot also šŸ˜‰

Feeling much better now, and so am back at my desk (remarkably cockroach-free this week, perhaps they took pity on my tired state?!), wandering through itty bitty tasks and trying to catch up on various odd jobs…
One job which I began earlier this year and which is finally coming to fruition is the women’s uniform for MAF PNG, which needed to be updated and restocked this year. I spent a lot of time researching and also contacting various companies, both in PNG and Australia – the challenge was to find something culturally appropriate, durable, and of course stylish and professional. And not too expensive! I wanted all our ladies, both expats and nationals, to feel happy and comfortable wearing their MAF uniform – it’s also an important part of feeling unified and part of a team, and knowing that we are representing our organisation well.
SMS training for MAF PNG

SMS training for MAF PNG

After months of liaising with various companies and working with our Ops Director, Doug Miles, we are now starting to receive the uniform items, as they are brought in by folk coming from Cairns to PNG! 25 women, each getting 2 skirts and 3 blouses, of varying blouse sizes and skirt styles… All the ladies here are very excited, and keep asking me when their uniforms will be in hand! Hopefully I can hand these out on Monday šŸ™‚

I have also just completed an SMS course, learning how to send text messages on my phone … hahaha no, it was actually a “Safety Management Systems” course, which is a CASA requirement for all employees in an aviation company. Unfortunately, this was on the day I started getting sick, so I sat in the back of the room drinking rooibos tea (South Africans will know the benefits!), sucking cough lozenges, and attempting to fill in the correct blanks with the correct answers so I could get my certificate stating that I am now qualified to text message… I mean… qualified to be safe…
Colin was here!

Colin was here!

Sigh. I need some chocolate. Which reminds me of a happy story! Colin McIntosh is a touring engineer for MAF PNG. He was based here some years ago with his family, then they moved back to NZ. In fact, before I came here, it was Colin and his wife, Rosemary, who did a PNG cultural session with new missionaries… Colin still comes over to PNG every few months to do some extra work for MAF, which is greatly appreciated as the engineers are quite thin on the ground at the moment. And I always look forward to his visits because he never fails to bring me some kind words of encouragement, a few recent NZ newspapers, and a little chocolate token šŸ˜‰ When back in NZ, Colin attends the Tauranga MAF prayer group, and updates them on my news and prayer needs. It’s wonderful to know that he keeps me in touch with all these lovely people who uphold me in prayer.

He started it!!

He started it!!

So this week ended Colin’s final PNG tour for the year, and I was sad to see “Uncle Colin” leaving. But when he left, he gave me a big block of Whitakers Macadamia chocolate!! This is significant, because this NZ chocolate company (best chocolate in the South Pacific) has just announced that they will no longer be making macadamia choc (one of my favs)!! šŸ˜¦ I knew I wouldn’t be back in NZ before these ended, and then suddenly I was given a whole block, fresh, non-melted, non-expired!! Too awesome – thanks Colin šŸ˜‰

And thus endeth my bitty week – hope yours has been blessed and maybe even chocolafied…
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