Cockroaches, Coffee and the UN

It’s been nice settling into my new house, and I’ve already felt the difference in being on the ground level. It’s much quieter and more private, and IJ is loving the garden being just outside the door. He has great fun tearing around the big lawn out the front, and at the back a visiting dog kindly punched a hole in the door fly screen, which IJ has taken to be his personal cat flap πŸ˜‰

I’m going to have to put out some cockroach bait, as I think a few have come to light due to the upheaval of moving in plus some maintenance work being done. Last night I was laughing and cooing over IJ playing and darting all around his toy – until I realised it was one of those hideous bugs!!! Yuck :p

Nath's last night - Dallas, Dan, Nath, Sam, Em

Dallas, Dan, Nath, Sam, Emma

Last Friday some of us friends had dinner together at Shiv’s house to farewell Nathanael – a Swiss volunteer who’s been serving with MAF for the past 6 months. Friends are a tricky thing here – there is really not much opportunity to meet people or socialise outside of MAF, and within MAF you need to be friends with whoever’s around. (Imagine being lumped with me as your only day-to-day friend, and not having a choice!) So we’re really blessed to have a lovely group of singles here with MAF, and we’ve enjoyed hanging out together and having various adventures and social nights.

Drought Relief discussion w MAF and UN

key MAF PNG personnel discussing drought relief with a UN rep

MAF PNG is currently providing assistance to the United Nations Food Program, as they try to gather data on which areas in this country are worst hit by the drought/famine, and how best to tackle the crisis. This morning we had the “aviation rep” from the UN in our office, discussing logistics etc with Godfrey Sim (Program Manager), Abraham Inai (Quality Manager) and Michael Duncalfe (Chief Pilot/Flight Ops Manager). They spent some time going over data and info, and there will be discussions and planning to follow I am sure. Fortunately my role in all this was much less complicated – I made them all coffee πŸ˜‰

Joseph Tambure

Joseph Tambure

MAF PNG Profiles
Introducing the people who make MAF’s vision a reality…
In closing, I thought it would be nice to share more about the work place/people here at MAF PNG, so every week I will “introduce” one of my colleagues to you πŸ™‚ There are so many different aspects and roles in an MAF operational country, and it’s fascinating to see all the various cogs and wheels that work together keep this mission rolling!! Also, these are the people who I walk amongst and chat to and laugh over coffee with – so this will also be a glimpse of my time here with MAF PNG πŸ™‚

First up is Joseph Tambure! Joseph is a lovely man from Madang, and has lived in the Highlands and worked with MAF for some years. He is an engineer, and when I took this picture he was juggling two or three tools at once, working on the tail flaps of this aircraft!! Joseph usually greets me in Tok Pisin and helps keep my language skills sharp πŸ˜‰ and he always has a smile and a gentle word to share with me when I go past…

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