Of Art and People…

wooden frames in construction

wooden frames in construction

Art and Stuff

Operating an electric sander!!

Sanding the wooden frames

A few weeks ago, I had the mad desire to paint, but when I went out to buy paints, I found there is no such thing as art canvasses here in PNG! I was considering buying a giant “pad” of card/paper, but one of my missionary friends here said he could make wooden frames and help me cover them with canvas. I immediately called the artists in my family (Shanna and Mom) who were both helpful with various tips and ideas, and I also had fun helping out with sanding the frames and stapling linen canvas over them.

Painting the undercoat

Painting with undercoat

Last night I painted them all with undercoat, and managed to restrict IJ to only one cheeky white paw print which fortunately only landed on the cardboard I was working on! Tonight I will check on my frames and, nearly two weeks after beginning the project, I hope to have an art canvas to paint!! Some things just take a little longer here to acquire 😉

Kitten Antics

IJ helps take down decorations after a party

IJ helps take down decorations after a party

Speaking of IJ… I was immediately wary when my upstairs neighbour (the same one who kindly swapped houses with me) came to tell me how intelligent my little kitten is. Hmm, what has that puss been up to??! Turns out he has figured out how to slip his paw under unlocked doors, pull them towards himself, and thus sneak inside any and every house he can. This also applies to cupboards, and he has had a merry romp through many a kitchen cupboard – and not just mine! Sigh. We’ll have to work on his manners…

Sad News
In some ways it has been a sad week. I heard on Monday that the son of one of my dad’s best friends died unexpectedly on Saturday. He was one year older than me, and he and his brothers were childhood playmates and friends for Tessa and I when we lived in South Africa.
Two days later we heard that Gwen Liddle (wife of Kay Liddle, a pioneering PNG missionary) had passed away in Auckland, NZ. I used to visit Gwen and Kay in their rest home in Auckland, which is close to where I live.
Once again, I am reminded of the simple importance of time with people. It is a gift to us and to them – let’s not forget to share it…
Nevan Tei (aka "Smiley")

Nevan Tei (aka “Smiley”)

PNG Profiles – Nevan Tei
I have nicknamed Nevan “Smiley” in my head, as he never fails to be wearing a big smile! Hi is the sign-writer/aircraft painter for MAF, and also does the odd special jobs – he did the banners for Day of Prayer (see photo). However, in chatting to Nevan, I found out that he has an interesting background which is much wider than just painting logos onto our aircraft. Nevan used to develop negatives from film cameras in a dark room, also doing enlarging/enhancing of pics.​
He is widely knowledgable on all things to do with graphics/art/photography, and happens to be a competent vehicle mechanic as well. He worked with Hevi Lift (another aviation company) for 10 years, doing piston engine/maintenance work…

Nevan's artwork, painted onto an old plane propellor

Nevan’s artwork, painted onto an old plane propellor

Nevan is also a brilliant artist, and he showed me a photo of a used plane propellor that he had painted with a PNG scene. I spoke to him about painting, colour, screen printing etc. chatted about landscapes, portraits, canvasses, and got all the more excited about beginning my own novice attempts 🙂 It’s amazing how much more there is to people than the initial outline projected. If we take the time to listen and ask, they unfold like blushing flowers that have just been waiting to bless the world with their scent…

Emma in New Zealand
Finally, a heads up that I will be in New Zealand for the month of January, for some much needed R’n’R. However, in order to also have a chance to catch up with people and share some pics and a fun video I’ve been working on, I’ve decided to make Saturday 9th Jan a “say hi to Emma” event! So stay tuned for details 🙂 I hope to see you there!!

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2 thoughts on “Of Art and People…

  1. kimberley cox

    Hi Em,

    Mum, Sadie and I will actually be staying at Nonna’s flat that weekend of your event! I have great grandpa’s 90th to go to that Saturday the 9th but will hopefully get a chance to give you a big hug and say hi while we are there 🙂

    Hope you have safe travels and enjoy the time you have with family xx

    Much love



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