The Day of “Eeeeeewww”

20160501_115705The day had started off so well. At least, the fist 1o minutes seemed quite nice…
With  a brisk step and a clear mind racing through the day’s task list, I threaded my way through Flight Ops, the MAF hangar, Stores, Engineers offices and finally to Reception to sort out a document that needed correcting. Going back through the open kitchen, I was immediately accosted by a flying cockroach (these things fly?!! I thought they only scuttled like clicking shiny brown squabs…). The evil creature was dipping and dive-bombing on an uncharted course, so that I had to squeal and run blindly through to the other side, much to the amusement of Sam (Swiss IT volunteer) who was walking ahead of me and had stopped to enjoy the show…

Less than an hour later, I was in the meeting room straightening the chairs/tables, when Raymond (engineer) walked in looking for me… because he wanted to show me the giant moth he was holding!! I said no thanks (!), and remarked that I was glad that this moth-which-is-bigger-than-my-whole-hand was dead. He kindly corrected me that it was very much alive.

the beautiful bilum

the beautiful bilum

Two close misses, and I was beginning to feel lucky that it was now after lunch and I had not had anymore spine-tingling encounters. Then came the crux…

Last week I acquired a new bilum (string bag). It’s a lovely little square one with a long strap, woven in chocolate browns, creams and blacks, with highlights of purple and pink. (see “the beautiful bilum”)

But what makes this one a bit special, is that it also has an eye-catching addition – a faux flower blossom tied onto the decorative strings. (see “the beautiful bilum decoration”)

the beautiful bilum decoration

the beautiful bilum decor

I brought this bilum to work today and, when I opened my desk drawer, I saw it and pulled it out to admire it again. I was tracing the unusual pattern and fingering the soft cloth flower petals, when I suddenly spotted a second addition which I had missed in my earlier perusal and delight. (see “the questionable bilum decoration”)

the questionable bilum decoration

the “whaaat??!!” bilum decor

Since then, Doris (my national co-worker) and I have taken turns examining, exclaiming, and generally grossing out. We have also vigorously washed our hands, and I’ve liberally splashed myself and my desk with hand sanitiser. Yes, this item is part of the human anatomy. No, this item no longer resides on said bilum…

I was so disturbed by this, that I almost didn’t freak out when I stumbled over the giant daddy cockroach in the hallway… Almost.

The final straw was to get home to an email from my sister, Tess, who had just had a rather “Eeeeeww” day herself. And she described in great detail her efforts in Science class to dissect a pig’s head, brain and eyeball. Nice.
On that lovely note, I shall leave you with a shiver and a wave – and hope that next week’s stories are a little less shuddery…
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