Lake Kutubu – a hidden paradise


Where’d the road go?!!

Last week I was not at my desk on Friday – rather, I was packed into a carload of friends bouncing along the worst roads invented for the fun of mankind, on our way to a weekend trip away. Read on to find out where the road rattled us to….  😉

Lake Kutubu
Lake Kutubu is in the Southern Highlands, nestled amidst high, thick mountains, and it is without doubt THE most beautiful place I have been in PNG. No rubbish, no crowds, no head-pounding noise, no eye-watering dust, no refuse on the streets – no streets! Instead, the soft cool water stretches out as far as the eye can see, dotted with luscious islands of swaying trees, draping vines, and butterflies in wild blues and vivid oranges.


Chilling on the lake

The Famous Five – aka Sam, Ryan, Anton, Shiv & Emma – decided to go on this adventure before Sam leaves at the end of June (sad face!), and it was a wonderful break to get out of Hagen, stretch our eyes beyond the compound walls, and just have fun together.
We stayed at the rustic Tubo Lodge which sits out on a peninsula, surrounded by the sheer natural beauty of Lake Kutubu. It was a bone-shaking 6-hour drive to get there, but the sweaty, groaning stiffness instantly faded away at the sight of the mirror-like lake awaiting us.The quiet beauty was breathtaking and magical, and we climbed into a dug-out canoe, long and narrow like the tree from which it was carved, and glided across the whispering water to the


Shiv & Emma #friends


What an incredible and delightful weekend! We fell asleep to the soft chorus of frogs, woke to the singing birds and quiet ripples of the Lake, took a boat tour around the wild jungle edges and glided through the clouds reflected in the Lake’s shining surface. We ate leisurely meals on the balcony where we could enjoy the panoramic view, played games and danced, swam in the crystal clear waters, explored hidden caves and found long-forgotten skeletons, jumped off cliffs into the welcoming blue, laughed and chased raindrops with our tongues, and tiptoed through the inky night air to watch the fireflies swirling in droves all around us.
God knows how difficult it can be sometimes, amidst the stresses and dust and exhaustion, and He knows the pure refreshing and renewed strength that can come with taking such a beautiful, albeit brief, breath of fresh air. I’m grateful for His blessing us with this time at Lake Kutubu, and my soul is full with soaking in the delicious wonder of His creation…
Pictures gratefully borrowed from Shiv, Sam & Ryan
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One thought on “Lake Kutubu – a hidden paradise

  1. Sam

    It was an amazing weekend! Thanks to the other four of the famous five to make my last weeks here so special!:) I’m gonna miss you people and all the fun we had together 🙂


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