Taking the Floor

Spring Cleaning Floors!

Albert working on floors

Ps Albert works on floors

One of the areas in which I’ve been working is the upkeep/cleaning of the Hagen Headquarters facilities. We have 3 lovely staff who work as cleaners, and it has been a pleasure to come alongside them and discuss how we can better care for the MAF facilities, revamping hygiene, stewardship and professionalism, and of course I’ve enjoyed getting to know them better along the way.
Together we have taken new things on board at MAF PNG, and this week I found Pastor Albert (cleaner for MAF for 30 years, but also a very committed pastor of a local church) on his knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. He had already cleared out an old, broken bench plus some cardboard stacked on the side, and has made a difference to the atmosphere and cleanliness of the staff lunch area!
IJ Spring Cleans... Not

How NOT to spring clean

Now, several of the Departments (HR, Reception Desk) are taking the cue, and have begun clearing out old clutter, sorting and filing stacks of paperwork, dusting away cobwebs, and re-organising their spaces to be fresh, clean and much more inviting. Way to go! Here’s hoping the spring cleaning bug continues to spread, and that IJ learns from it too 😉
Participants of a successful 2-hr lesson!

Excited to learn new dance skills

Lights, Camera, Action – Dance Floors!

The Hagen club (a restaurant/bar/gym/tennis courts/squash courts facility!) has an annual ball, to which many of the expat miners, business men, traders etc bring their wives for a social night out. Not a common event in Hagen! They decorate, dress up, hire a band, have a feast… and this year they wanted to add some ballroom dancing to the mix. Siobhain (my fellow MAF-er and of course a close girl friend) is the Club Committee Secretary, so she asked if I’d be keen to help one of the local guys teach some dancing, as I had done the dancing night at the MAF conference earlier this year – she felt something similar would work well for the ball. Thus, I was given the opportunity to attend the Club Ball at no charge, provided I helped with a 2-hour lesson on the Thursday, plus a rehash and extra tuition as needed at the Saturday ball.


The dance floor in action

So that was my full on exercise for last week! Thursday night was fun, but exhausting, as I pulled out my scuffed, glued-together dancing shoes and helped lead 8 couples through two different styles of dancing (Rumba and Swing). They were all very enthusiastic and had a lot of fun. Most of the time I spent circling and instructing and walking through the steps over and over to demonstrate. On Saturday, I actually danced myself a lot more, as the dancers of Thursday were expected to kick it all off on Saturday and lead the way. We danced for two hours, had a break for dinner, then were back on the floor for another three or so hours (five for the enthusiastic ones!). Exhausting fun 😉
I had decorated my hair with fairy lights, and it seemed like a fun idea, but I didn’t realize quite how, um, obvious it would prove to be 😉 You see, despite the lovely setting and the great band, there were still 3 or 4 power cuts (helloooo PNG!). The first time it happened I was dancing… The lights dropped out, the music stopped, and my hair blazed out from the dance floor like a beacon!! It was hilarious, as no one could see anything except my head!
Ahhh good times, powercuts and all. Several folk have asked for ongoing dance lessons, so a few of us are considering how to make this happen. In the meantime, I think I need some new dancing shoes…
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