Finding the Beauty

The collosal rubbish pilePapua New Guinea is a hard place to live. For some, it is truly enjoyable and exciting, but for others it just seems to wear down the soul. It can make a difference as to where one lives, and I guess being in a run-down, overcrowded township is not a situation that soothes me…

I am a person who loves beauty. Beauty #5
I feel it deeply, sense it quietly, thrive on it. The fact that my surroundings are aesthetically pleasing (or not) can hugely impact the way I face a day, because it is actually impacting me on much deeper levels than mere surface dust and bother and chaos.
Beauty #2In many ways, this makes it harder to be in the place that I am living. The rubbish piles, the grubby supermarkets, the mud and rot underfoot at the local market, the clouds of flies that waft with the stenches, the dirty, smelly chickens and pigs, the pushy masses, the open stares and yells, the black, roiling smoke of burning refuse…
It can be so hard to wade through it all, much less to lift my head to see if there are any patches of blue sky on this cloudy day.Beauty #4 - Copy
Beauty #1But there always are – patches of sky, I mean – and not only do I want to find them, I want to share them with you. For me, it comes down to the little things – a weekend trip to somewhere beautiful, painting on multi-coloured toenails, sprinkling my desk with stars, playing with MAF kids, laughing at IJ’s antics, gently holding Monarch butterflies…
I hope you can soak in the wonder and delight with me. And remember to look around you and find the beauty in your place and space, wherever that may be.
Sometimes it can be hard to see the silver linings traced delicately in the heavy clouds, but there is always, always beauty to be found – if only we will look to see.
Trust me, I know.
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